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Re: [ST] Tires for a 2000 RS (test info)

Very interesting test, good info.

But I wonder about a couple of things:
1) How much difference does it make that they tested with an R6?
That is a very light bike compared to my '00 Sprint ST.

2) Using the GPS to measure corner speeds.
What kind of GPS was it?
My experience with GPS has at least  +/- 15 feet, so even a 100 ft corner would have significate errors.

Thanks for the info,
David W. Funk

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From: "Emile Nossin" <Emile@xxxxxxxxxx> 

> Here's the whole test, in Dutch though: 
> http://www.motorbike.demon.nl/griporslip.pdf 
> The tests was done with two R6's (one as a backup in case of crashing), 
> done on the Spanish circuit of Calafat, where they tested over the course 

> For measuring they used a datalog system with GPS sensors. From the parameters 
> turn radius, cornering speed, tire width and center of mass, they were able 
> to compute the lean angle to 1 degree accurately. Tire temp was also measured 
> frequently. 
> Wet road testing: 
> On the special wet test track of Salon de Provence there are two 
> extremely slippery surfaces at passage 5 and 6, simulating the 
> level of grip you will find on worn mountain pass roads in the 
> Alps. The rest of the track is high grip asphalt. Since the cornering 
> speeds (especially measurable on the limits on longer turns) were 
> measured with GPS and not wheel turns, there was no influence of tire 
> slip or smaller wheel diameters. That enabled precise measuring of 
> cornering speed difference. 
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