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[ST] Where you are matters

Here is an example from the "[ST] Tires for a 2000 RS" thread.
Where you are from makes a difference!

Eric says that the "Pilot Road is probably the best wet weather tire out there."
I could write that the Avon 45/46 are the best tires I have used in the rain. But since I live in the SF Bay Area where it only rains in the winter, my statement might not mean that much.
If Eric is from Los Angeles, CA, most likely he does not know what he is talking about. But if Eric is from Portland, OR, his word is good enough for me.

So I encourage everybody to add the location to their signature line. It really can make a difference.

David W. Funk
'00 Sprint ST
Pleasanton, CA
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From: Erik Miner eeminer@xxxxxxxxxxx 
> Michelin Pilot Road, Metzeler Z6, Avon 45/46, Pirelli Diablo Strada, 
> Conti Road Attack.. All I think out perform the B'Stones which I've 
> never been a big fan of. FWIW The Pilot Road is probably the best wet 
> weather tire out there. 
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