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Re: [ST] Tires for a 2000 RS

As I said, definitely better tires for more specific things.  I ditched the Avon's when I started to push the front end, but that was with really high corner speeds.  I loved the feel of Metzeler Z6's, and even more so the Sportec M1, and SportecM3 (the latter two wearing out MUCH sooner than the sport-touring tires - got something like 2500 miles out of them).  I personally think the Bridgestones lack feel (had the BT57's, which were absolute crap, and the BT010's, which still lacked grip comparitively).  The Pirelli Diablo Corsa's have some pretty good grip, and even throwing them on the track has them wearing pretty well.  
But again, if you want to balance that performance with decent wear/mileage, I would recommend the Avon's.  Haven't tried the Michelin Pilot Road or Conti's yet.  I might as the ST is in need of new tires (those damn M3's wearing out already....)
Matt Heyer

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>From: Matthew Heyer
>Avon 45/46ST seem to be best compromise in my opinion.
>There are better tires if you are looking for more grip
>or for longer life; but if you do some straight line stuff,
>and then mix it up with corners some, then you can't go
>wrong with the Avons.

They might have been good a few years ago, but a test of
sport touring tires I have here (Motoplus, June 2006) puts
the Avon Azaro (AV45/46ST) tires on the last place concerning
handling, precision, grip in turns, grip during acceleration,
turn stability, limit behaviour and stand up behaviour, both
on the dry as on the wet (no testing on endurance).

Net results (dry and wet) of 8 tires:
1. Metzeler Roadtec Z6, 193 points (shared 1st in dry)
2. Pirelli Strada, 188 points (1st in wet)
3. Continental Road Attack, 187 points (1st in the dry)
4. Dunlop D220ST / 4. Michelin Pilot Road, both 168 points
6. Bridgestone BT020, 139 points
7. Avon Azaro, 136 points

I wasn't very happy with the Z6 though (rear), not having
any clue how the center thread was wearing until the canvas
started showing (while there was still enough rubber at the
indicator mark). The Pirelli Strada (Metzeler = Pirelli) looks
pretty similar. So I think I'll go for the Continental or
Michelin Pilot Road (liked that last time) next time.

I can translate some details of the entire test (it's 5 pages
total) or certain tires on request.


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