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I just realized that I sent this offlist.  On the off chance that anyone 
else is interested here are the results of my low-fuel light test.


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Filled the tank on the way home last night.

Miles = 230.5
Fuel = 4.976 US Gal
MPG = 46.22

According to 3 or 4 resources on the web the capacity of the tank is
listed at 5.6 Gal.  So by my math, assuming that I would get the same MPG
for the last .6 Gal of tank and that the tank can be run dry, I could
have gone another ~27 miles.  I can tell you that I wouldn't have felt
good about it though :).  And for the 5 or so tanks that I've run through
recently (while paying attention) the light has pretty consistently come
on around ~220 miles and my mileage has been a steady 45/46.
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