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Re: [ST] FS: 2003 Sprint ST in Oregon

It is truly wonderful.

It's like being on one of those rides at Disneyland where you think
that you are steering only to find out that  you are on rails. The
bike corners effortlessly.

Throttle control is very smooth. Redline is at 11.5 and I've only
reached it once and that was at about 75 in second gear.

It has six speeds and sixth must be for the Autobahn. The gearing is
awesome. It sounds like you're winding it out when in town because I
usually stay in first gear until I'm up around 40 with the R's staying
at less than 5 grand.

I've done a few 300 mile days and feel fine afterwards. My wife says
that it's the most comfortable bike that she's ever ridden.

The panniers look small but are expandable via a ratcheting mechanism.

I have not taken any long trips yet but just doing weekend jaunts I've
put almost 4000 miles on since I got the bike on April 25th.

In case you want to see some pics you can cruise over to
As you'll see we have a pair... his and hers. Mine is the blue '05. My
wife's is the silver '06.

We'll be at Sportbike Northwest if anybody wants to hook up.

On 8/1/06, BrettWilson21@xxxxxxx <BrettWilson21@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> In a message dated 2/08/2006 3:23:58 AM AUS Eastern Standard Time,
> thenobles2@xxxxxxxxx writes:
> >  bought a K1200S so don't need this beautiful, well cared for bike.
> >
> So give us the good oil on the BM!
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