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Re: [ST] '06 ST Questions & The Old Road.


I was a bit worried about the temp gauge as you describe, but found the bike 
didnt overheat despite some warm days last summer, even when I was stuck in 

Have you seen this article from the local news rag regarding The Old Road?


On the one hand, I do agree something needs to be done. I dont ride the up 
there much on weekends. Even I get scared at some of the antics of the guided 
missile pilots. I think the average is still about one motorcycle death per 
fortnight on that road?

Having said that, I reckon we should spread the word about this and make sure 
they dont get a return on their investment.

We should gather enmasse at Berowra on the Sunday and ride very sensibly and 
legally to The Cafe and make a day of it. 

If you're up for a ride and o course anyone else, theres a group of us doing 
a mid week ride on The Putty Road on Wednesday, 16th August. We have about ten 
bikes so far.

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