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Re: [ST] Tire Setup Question

Quoting "Masiak, Richard" <Richard_Masiak@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

> Me and a guy at work were discussing the ZX-10R.  The fact that it has
> Ohlins suspension (stock) and others don't.

It only has an Ohlins steering damper on the 2006 model.

>  I read a review that Kawasaki
> played games to make the bike handle better and went with a 190/55ZR17 rear
> tire.  Most others have a 180/55 or a 190/50.
> I ran the math and if I were to put a 190/50 on instead, the rear is 9.5mm
> shorter in height than using the stock size of 190/55.  Is 9.5mm a big
> enough different to throw the setup (street) out of whack?
> Just a question.  We don't need to make this a drawn out thread.

The 2006 ZX10 has 190/55 as standard. My 2005 has 190/50 as standard. I have
run with 190/55 and it turns better. Otherwise it is OK on mine. But the rear
shock has reduced pre-load to compenstate. It has a 6 inch rear rim. The best
fit so far is a 180/55 just like the ST. Makes it better handling. I often
wondered why the ST turned so well :)


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