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[ST] Helmate Shopping

Evening Mike and All,

I too have been in the market for a helmet.  Listened to the Arai vs. Shoei 
head shape debate, and went out and tried some on today.  I must have visited 
most of the bike shops in New Hampshire (really an excuse for a ride of 
course, all the helmets are the same) on this beautiful sunny day.  I bought 
a RF-900, not the Suzuki, but the Shoei.  It fits my head very well, but 
isn't as quiet as I expected.  It cuts out the whistling and general noise, 
so no hearing problems after many more miles.  Another bonus is that it is 
very, very smooth, no buffeting, and I never thought that I had any 
buffeting.  Those little fins really do work.  The only problem is that it 
produces a low frequency rumble. I can't really explain it because it isn't a 
typical wind noise.  I guess it doesn't bother me, but I'm just mentioning it 
to fill you in.

Overall, I'll give the RF-900 two thumbs up.  Not bad for $330US.

PS - any one on the list selling a Yellow RS in Concord, NH?  Nice bike.  
Must be selling it to get the ST, right?

'01 Sprint ST BRG
'98 XR400 w/ lights

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