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[ST] Re: road prefereances (was trip report--Talimena Byway)

I know how you feel.  Ask those that rode with me at the HSTA STAR in Avon,
CO.  I was in full "go dog" mode, always chasing the next corner and only
looking at the scenery on the short straights, while running to the next
corner :)

BTW Deal's Gap really isn't that busy when you go on a Thur or even Fri.  I
would recomend it as a really good technical challange road.

Steven "Dirty Dawg" Kohlscheen
I feel like an oddball(for more reasons than 1), but if I'm having a truly
enjoyable ride, I don't even see the scenery because I'm concentrating on
the thrill of the curves and making sure the road is safe. I could care less
about taking pictures of beautiful scenery. I want the pure satisfaction of
executing the curves perfectly.

imHo :)

Prairie Dawg

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