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Re: [ST] Dead Trumpet

I know why Triumph and many other manufacturers have installed the clutch 
engaged switch, but more doodads leads to more problems.  

On all of my other bikes I have chased the switch wires from the handle bar 
down into the bike, found a good spot, cut them and connected each wire to 
itself.  A reversible repair, cleans up some loose wiring running around the 
bike and eliminates one more break down item.

I also have done this for the side stand switch.  That too will stop you from 
going anywhere if it fails.  Pop it into gear, dead engine.  I have spent way 
too much time standing by a dead bike scratching my head only to find that 
one of the "safety" items has failed to work.

'01 Sprint ST BRG
'98 XR400 w/ lights

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