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[ST] Grace redux...

Grace is doing quite well, no signs of head injury (well, except her
continued interest in me), sore ribs, a hella bruise in kind of a cute but
private place on her right hip (no hip pads in her Stich,
dammit...oversight!), a sore neck, a couple of minor bruises on her head
(hit the mike from the Autocom).

...so today we went and picked up Goose at Grace's office, and we now have
a clear explanation of the accident...

...there is a 4" scrape on the right side of the front rim. She crashed on
a left-hand curve, where an offramp curves over and meets a
street...separated for a space by an island with a curb. She went wide (or
more likely, since as soon as she merges onto the street she has to cross
three lanes of traffic to make a right turn at the next intersection, went
right too soon), clipped the curb, and hey, presto.

Somehow, she managed not to break her neck or wind up under the wheels of
some inattentive driver's SUV...she _is_ the luckiest girl in America. One
wonders how long she can keep drawing to an inside straight and coming out

Bike looks OK, rim is scraped, can is scraped, she'll need a new right-hand
engine cover, and the little timing sensor goodie is hosed. The brake lever
I got last week for the tipover the week before will need to be replaced,
and she'll need new bar-ends.

Much fun discussion and hilarity chez Lee/Danziger will ensue...

MracD who would like to hear from people who have the largest number of
crashes in a three - year period...how many have you had?? C'mon, admit

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