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Re: [ST] And Dealers wonder why they are losing business to mail

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>  I would rather eyeball my tires, and since I live down the road from
> Chaparral, I can get tires cheap and in person.

So you don't support your local bike shop when it comes to buying tires?


Chaparral is one of my local shops, pal. I work less than 5 miles from them.
There is even one guy at the parts counter who knows his stuff, and I don't
mind dealing with him. I buy Kenda 270's for my KLR there, and they cost a
whopping $34.99 for the rear, I mean holy cow! I'm not made of money ya
I did buy a new set of BT010's for the Sprint at my local  Kawi dealer and
probably paid more than I would have at Chaparral, but they were in stock,
mounted, balanced out the door in way less time than it would have taken me
just to buy the damn things at Chap, not to mention the mechanic at the Kawi
dealer wasn't flipping burgers last week. Plus there's a Krispy Kreme across
the street, and I can hammer donuts and get my tires mounted, etc.
Please don't pick my post apart and quote it back to me verbatim, you guys
all know what I meant.
 In a nutshell, if you don't have any good local dealers, I'm sorry.
 Are you part of the reason that you don't have them? Did you chisel them
out of business?
 I would like to see the guys I do business with stay around, so if I need a
favor, I've got a friend in the industry...

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'd be thrilled as hell by
www.buykawasaki.com.  that's a _great_ service, one whose convenience
might make me happy to do business with my dealer.  every motorcycle
shop in the country should be demanding that service from their


Hey Paul, you can't buy parts through that site (trust me on this), but it
does have some nifty diagrams...

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Your local
shop might not think you're cheap, but they probably think you're and


They're pretty perceptive down there, alright...

Note; in my post I didn't advocate throwing money down the toilet, I'm just
saying , there is a difference between being sensibly frugal, and being a
penny pinching bastard!!
PS Blow me.

I do have to say that Triumph dealers are few and far between, even here in
Southern California (epicenter of the Universe, admit it), and yes, there
are a-holes in the motorcycle biz., I am just lucky to have 2 dealers that
treat me fair locally, and dammit I'm gonna treat them fair right back.

Don't your local dealers that you buy bikes from give you a decent discount?
10 or 15% is pretty standard around here...

Stu <-- spreading the love

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