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Today's my lucky day! Oops.. No, it's not..

I have to whine a little but do have a semi-urgent question.. Feel free to
skip the whine but if you can help with the question, I'd really appreciate

I got my new RS a few months ago. First bike, love it a lot.

Picked it up Saturday AM, June 3rd. Dumped it Monday PM, June 5th - going 20
or so through a left. A big pickup (F350 or something) made like it was
going to pull out in front of me. Grabbed the front brake without thinking
and over I went. Limped for a few days and had some impressive bruises but
basically okay. Bent the shifter on the bike, scratched up left & front
fairing and other small things. The pickup was gone by the time I got to
looking around, BTW.

Tonight, the new fairings (from Lilley's. Thanks, guys) were waiting for me
when I get home from work. YES! My bike's agonna be beautiful again. I put
them on and go for a ride. The world is good, the world is great..

I'm on my way home, going about 25MPH, 20 yards or so from green light.
There's a big building on the near left corner of the intersection so I
can't see what's coming up the road that way. I see a fire truck go through
the light, left to right. No problem - slow down a little and look at the
pretty lights for a second. I look up, now maybe 20 feet from the
still-green light and there's another fire truck coming through the light.

Long story short: I lock up the front brake (again.. grrr..), go over and
slide to a halt. I get up and see the fire truck stopping about 5 feet in
front of the bike - he would have squashed me if I hadn't stopped and I'm
not sure I could have both kept it up and stopped in time. Back tire's still
going so I run up and turn the key off  - not the kill switch. I've got a
few bruises, a shifter broken in half and, of course, slightly mangled left
and center fairings. Again. Piss me off. The new ones only lasted about 3


So, anyway, the bike was on the ground, running for about 15 seconds, then
sitting for maybe 2 minutes as the firemen and a cop who showed up out of
nowhere made sure I was okay. We pick the bike up and walk it out of the

It won't start. I turn the key to On and get NO fuel pump whine and the gas
light doesn't go on. I hit the starter and it goes for a moment then stops.
It's leaking something that looks/feels like oil but I think it's just
overflow from being on its side. It's in neutral and the bike seems to know
this as the little green light does come on.

Aside from the shifter being in too many pieces, there didn't seem to be any
mechanical damage at all. The left side of the bike looks fine.

Anyone have any idea why it won't start?? I tried several times, turning the
key all the way off, waiting a minute then trying again but it just won't
- -Dave

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