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re: Broke down ST update

>  From: "Mark Hanke" <mahanke@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>, on 10/25/2000 14:21:
>  Well, after 11 days I called the dealer to check on my beloved ST. Service
>  mgr. informed me that he was waiting on parts. I ask what happened and he
>  said "the cam chain tesioner runner failed" I said then that pistons and
>  valves must have gotten together and he agreed. He said that according to
>  TOA this was a rare case,  that it has only happened 2 or 3 times. He
>  informed me that I was getting new head, valves, pistons, a whole new motor.
>  My question is why doesn't TOA send me a "whole new motor"? It seems like it
>  would be cheaper for them, easier for the dealer and better for me. Any
>  thoughts?
>  Mark'Big Dawg"Hanke

	Well, somebody's got to assemble the motor. Whether Triumph does it in
England or your dealer does it here accomplishes the same thing: a new motor
for you. This way they only have to send a minimum of new parts (no new
crankcase, crankshaft, transmission, et cetera), and the work is performed by
the service side instead of the production side. Costs and parts are typically
tracked separately for service and regular production, for good reasons.

Just a thought,

	"Jedi Dawg"  Jim Huber
	'00 blue ST  "Rhiannon"
	Spring, Texas, USA

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