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Also sorry to hear about the accident, it can be a scary and depressing
thing. Sadly something most bike riders have to accept as an inevitability
these days, it's become a case of when not if. I often wonder how the
average person makes it to puberty, whether it's on a bike or in a car .
I have been watching the ST list for sometime now as I have / had a Trophy
1200 but am seriously thinking about a Sprint. By the way, the repairs on
the Trophy which had a nasty disagreement with a SUV and a preoccupied lady
on a cellular phone seem to be spiraling out of control to the point where
the insurance company will probably just write the thing off. Every time
they order parts and go to put them on they discover something else that's
broken / knackered / bent. To me the bike looked trashed but I was assured
it was mostly cosmetic - i.e. every bit of plastic on it has shattered. Well
it may not be that way any more ! - one good thing though - I have the
ballistic nylon Triumph jacket and considering I hit the road in a tangled
mess of arms and legs at about 85mph, slid a long way and got up, invented a
few new swear words  (some in Swahili) and then, and only then did it dawn
on me I should be lying down waiting for some form of first aid; either that
or the speedo was in need of a urgent re calibration. Once I had settled
down a bit I examined the jacket there was almost no damage to it - a bit of
a scuff on the left elbow and a small - very small hole on the edge of the
pocket / zipper area. To make things a little clearer the pocket lining in
this jacket gave up about a month after I had it and was constantly placing
keys in the pocket to watch them slide down my leg. I had rung up and nagged
Willie my local dealer over it, but I followed up with an 'actually its
really nice jacket, don't worry about he pocket' sort of call soon after.
All in all this is about folks in large vehicles who seem to have the
driving abilities of a lemming and who need phones removed from their ears
(probably surgically) and a dealership who are not only sympathetic, but who
will actually loan me a Sprint over the weekend so I can go out and feed my
addiction (its been 3 months now my bike has been continually re diagnosed).
I realize parts can take while to reach Texas and know they are doing their
best. I just wanted to let you know, it's a real bugger when stuff like this
happens, with a few exceptions motorcycle riders are amongst the most
switched on folks on the road, but here are some things, no matter what you
do that there are no escapes from.
Hoping you are back on the road soon and best wishes

A Brit (still bemused by the whole thing) in Texas

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Sorry to hear about your accident.  I  was going to wash the sprint today
while preoccupied with other matters, pulled the bike out of the garage, put
it on the side stand, and watched as it toppled onto it's right side on top
of my trusty plastic bucket.  It trashed both fairing pieces, mirror, tank,
pipe, and brake lever.  does anyone have any clue what this mess will cost?
The bucket actually smashed the fairing and dented the tank.  i should
mention that my alley is gravel.  the moral of this story is to not wash the
bike when you are preoccupied with other stuff.  probably not a good idea to
ride either
on another note (thread)  i also routinely short shift my bike.  i live in
chicago and find
5000 rpm upshifts in heavy traffic to be fatiguing.  the bike shifts fine at
3000 or 4000 rpm into any gear.  practice on an older beemer with a bad
rearend for a few years and a st shifts like a dream      dirty bikes are

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