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RE: Underseat Exhaust and question on tyre pressures

Thanks for all the kind words about the new pipe, it does look pretty good,
I'm pleased with the results. The sound is even better than the looks
though. It sh*ts all over the carbon race pipe! The sound is just a little
louder than the carbon pipe (which in my mind makes it safer in attracting
the attention of cage drivers) and is also a lot throatier and crisper (if
that makes any sense). Definitely an improvement.

The price is very good value as you have all observed. The fit and finish
are excellent. Fred, the owner/designer/builder from Pipeline is a very
friendly guy. Very helpful and a great attitude. I felt very comfortable
with him working on the bike. He also cut and remounted the seat keylock two
inches forward on the bracket (meaning I can easily get the key in with the
panniers still on) and helped me mount the engine cut-out switch I posted
about a month or two ago (I wired a toggle switch in series with the side
stand switch, it works extremely well). The quality of his work is great. I
can't recommend him too highly.

The mounting of the exhaust required that the back half of the plastic
underseat "box" be cut out and an aluminium heat baffle be mounted onto the
top of the subframe. There is no heat problem with normal highway riding,
but I found that the seat and underseat area got quite warm last saturday
during a city traffic commute on a hot day. I remounted the ECU on two half
inch spacers at the front to give it a good air gap, and I plan to make and
fit another heatshield/baffle between the exhaust and the mudguard. A bit of
a hassle but I think it will be worth it to ensure that there are no impacts
on either my comfort level in summer (from a warm seat) or the life of the

On the engine tune mapping side, the Triumph mechanic downloaded a new tune
for the pipe (or so he claimed). He used the normal triumph game boy, so I
can't see how he could have used a completely new tune. Personally I think
he used the race tune (which was already in the ECU since I had the carbon
pipe fitted) and he didn't use a CO2 meter to do any tuning. Indeed the
whole process took approx. 30 seconds so I can't see that he didn't anything
dramatic. I tried to find out what he was doing but he was very reticent to
explain it. Maybe Doug Archer can find more details since he is quite
friendly with the mechanic. Either way I'm not too fussed since the bike
seems to be running extremely well with the new pipe. It is much crisper in
performance and has no flat spots. As I said in my previous post, I'm really
pleased with the mix of the new pipe and the 17 tooth cog. The bike really
flys now!! [Doug also has the same setup, which I have more or less copied
<thanks Doug> and I know he is also very happy with the results.]

I plan to get the bike on a dyno in a couple of weeks time. I'll let you
know the results. I'll also let you know how I go addressing the heat

cheers and smiles,
"Grunter Dawg"

ps I know I once asked this question before, and since we are back on the
tyre thread again, what sort of tyre pressures do you guys recommend. I did
some very high speed touring yesterday with my beloved as pillion, and when
I get back home I found the rear tyre all balled/wormed up (ie loose rubbed
up rubber). And yes this is on the standard bridgerocks, which I am keen to
get rid of and changed for something better, so I wasn't too fussed about
the state of the tyres. I am running 42 psi in the rear. Any suggestions or
thoughts on what is appropriate for two up sustained high speed riding (>160

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