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for Barry - RS

 >>> It's developing a light rattle at 2500-3000 rpm.<<<

    It's called 'lugging' and is best avoided, especially with a new
engine! Consider any RPM under 3,000 as OFF.

 >>> Temperature. On the open road it settles at 86-87°CBut
in town traffic or at standstill it quickly heats up to 100+ and the
fan then cuts in.<<<

    Perfect! The first principle of engine cooling (water or air) -
Slow is Hot!

 >>> Gear shift.I've decided the lever is set a little high, forcing
me to lift my foot to too steep an angle for up-changes. Is it better
to use the adjuster screws right from the start to correct this?<<<

    I (and others) have done so and never been sorry.

 >>> Wheelies... what's the best clutch- and fork-saving

    A clutch and fork (and chain and steering head bearing) sponsor!

                                Have fun;

                                  doggydo   - - - o%\o

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