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for Barry - upgrade to Sprint

 >>> The bars look fine - maybe, what, an inch higher? <<<

    Or slightly more, but further back by the same amount.

 >>> Did you need longer cables? <<<

    No, but I'll need a longer throttle cable when I put the Gen-Mars
under them.

 >>> The panniers also look great - are they QD, and just how much
clearance is there really over that exhaust (it looks real close)?<<<

    The panniers are the quick-disconnect Monokey GIVIs. There's
about 1 in. clearance over the exhaust can. Since that is the high
bag when the bike's on the side stand and therefore the easiest to
get into, I carry all my 'stuff' (cellphone, earplugs, duct tape, map
case sunscreen etc.) on that side. So far no ill effects from heat.

 >>>Did you have to get the brackets from John Fitzthingummy in

    God, I hope ol' Fitzthingummy is reading this! I did get the
adapters from Fitzthingummy's company:  

he makes them for both the RS and the ST.  Work good; last long time! 

 >>> I like the high screen too, though I'd probably choose
black/smoked. <<<

    Actually I bought both the blue and the smoked and offered my son
his choice for his Eclipse Blue RS. He chose the smoked and I kept
the blue. You can see the smoked on the '95 Sprint at:

 >>> a) How's the turbulence?  b) Did you fit that grab-rail?  c) Are
you happy with the red?  d)Those look like stock mirrors - how are
you getting on with them?  e)Is that the stock can, and is it loud
enough? f) how are you getting on with the rumoured heavyish clutch
and the
highish footpegs? <<<

    a) Much improved!  b) With the RS you choose between the seat
cowl or the grab rail; you can have both, but not on the bike at the
same time.  c) Love it!  d) They're useless; can't wait to find some
that allow me to view someone else's elbows for awhile.  e) Yes,
stock can. It's too loud for my taste (louder than my buddy's R1100S
BMW which is air-cooled for crissake!).  f) The cable operated clutch
is heavier than the hydraulic. Having said that, you just reminded me
that I haven't noticed it for many months and I swap back and forth
between Sprints frequently. The footpeg to seat position is identical
between the RS and the ST; look at the footpeg carrier brackets.

    You now know more about the RS than I do, because I've already
forgotten the first half of what I wrote!

                                     Have fun;

                                         doggydo   - - - o%\o

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