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VFR vs. Sprint (again)

Hello all..  I'm new to the list, currently contemplating between the VFR
Interceptor and the Sprint ST.  Can anyone help me out? I realize that you
are all a *bit* biased, but here goes:

Sprint pro's: ENGINE! styling, brakes, torque, unique, SS brake lines,
wheels are nicer
Sprint con's: low rpm limit, fit-and-finish, build quality, gauge cluster,

VFR pro's: Honda reliability, everything just as it should be (gauges,
controls, etc), tail-end styling, headlights, solo cowl std., $1000 cheaper
VFR con's: torque (vs. the ST), the rest of the bodywork styling, fuel
mileage, lotsa-people-ride-hondas, don't really like the wheels

The whole thing with Hard bags isn't a big deal to me, as I've never needed
them anyway.

I also plan on an under seat exhaust for either bike, as well as the
appropriate ECU tuning.

I'm going for rides soon.  I'm sure that will be the ultimate deciding
factor, but I'd like to have outside input.  I am quite possibly the most
anal-retentive buyer in history...    :P
Rich Quinlan
'97 A4 1.8 turbo quattro in Pearl
More mods than I can shake a wastegate rod at...
"If it ain't broke, make it faster!!"

http://home.att.net/~richquinlan - Quinland - my own little world

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