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Re: ST Digest

Welcome aboard Mark

>  The ride just gets better by the mile.

And once you get out of the RPM restricted range it will get even better.

>problems yet, just a fuel warning light that comes on at irregular
>intervals.  I thought the gauge was dicky too at first because it was
>stuck on full but soon realised that she just doesn't use any fuel...

Actually, the sender unit in the tank does not go all the way to the top,
so you need to put about 80-100 miles on a full tank before the sender will
read anything but full. The warning light problem is caused by a problem
with the sender causing it to stick in the sending unit. Triumph is aware
of the problem and has some new units that they are testing to make sure
that they have eliminated the problem. Ross Clifford works for Triumph at
the corporate office and has told us he will keep us updated on the fix.

Again, welcome....

- - Eric

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