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Buzz, Arkansas, bags/alarm, and postings

	I like the buzz that comes with the ignition turn on. It's just like my
Corvette's electric fuel pump. It's getting up to pressure and letting
me know it's working. I wait about two or three seconds until she's up
to pressure and the pump shuts off and then ignition!
	If we can get some good connections with the Triumph dealer in
Fayettville we would probably be better off? Maybe a bike lock up
location, etc. Plus, he should know the roads to avoid, riding
distances, rest stops, etc. It might turn into a big event promotion for
him plus the advantage of PARTS AND SERVICE if needed. Lets avoid the
Scootermanic's. Nothing like a nice mountain twisty lined up behind a
couple hundred scooters at 35 MPH. Passing?
	I'm now at 98 days since picking up my ST and still waiting on the
alarm and side bags. I sent Triumph a E-mail at their internet site
asking why they didn't have a FIFO system since some folks are getting
theirs with the bikes, etc. ten days and still waiting for a response.
	Just a suggestion but if we would delete most of the old message it
would sure save some bandwidth. Maybe just a short piece of original?
	I love the bike and so far no oil leakage, fuel gauge still works
correctly, windscreen creates a heavy bug load on the helmet shield at
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