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Re: Electrical System Update

On Mon, 19 Apr 1999, Richard & Lisa White wrote:

> Looking at the wiring harness a little more, it was obvious there is a
> problem that I suggest everyone look into on their ride.  On our ST (and
> I suspect David Hughes' and everyone else's), the harness that exits the
> bottom of the ignition switch is routed back upwards and "tied off" to
> the mounting bracket before turning to go back downwards.  Right there
> near the twisty-tie, the clutch cable pinches the wiring harness against
> the bracket, especially when the bike is turned hard left (as in the
> steering wheel lock position).  

This is exactly the problem I had although I didn't see the smoke.  The
cable tie area was where the wear had gone through the insulation and
caused the short.

> I believe this could only be part of the problem, because I can not
> explain yet  why the 5 amp fuse (side and rear lights) blew.  I checked
> all lights last night  before turning the key to the off position and
> I suspect many other bikes will suffer the same consequences unless the
> harness is repositioned.  I'm just glad it didn't happen once underway
> on one of our planned trips. 

I blew the main 30 amp fuse when mine let go.


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