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Re: Bag and alarm delivery

Jack wrote:
>	As I stated earlier I placed my deposit on my red ST with bags and
>alarm back on Halloween of 1998. All were ordered at that time. I
>received Merlin on january 19, 1999 and have no problem with that as it
>fits the stated release date by about a week.
>	The problem that I have is that I still have no bags and no alarm even
>though I paid for them with a deposit and then in cash on January 19. I
>can read every day almost of riders buying their new ST's with bags and
>of other riders receiving their bags. Surely I should have been almost
>first on the list of riders owed bags and an alarm! What's up with that?
>Is there not any FIFO (First In First Out) procedure? Do the bags just
>go to the east coast first since it's closer? Who am I? Where am I? What
>am I? What is going on?
>	Remember, the truth is out there! Somewhere, and someone knows it!

Well, obviously since both you and Rick are having the same problem, it
must be a Texas thing.... ;-)

- - Eric

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