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Bag and alarm delivery

	Ok, I have another question or issue with the delivery of the bags and
	As I stated earlier I placed my deposit on my red ST with bags and
alarm back on Halloween of 1998. All were ordered at that time. I
received Merlin on january 19, 1999 and have no problem with that as it
fits the stated release date by about a week.
	The problem that I have is that I still have no bags and no alarm even
though I paid for them with a deposit and then in cash on January 19. I
can read every day almost of riders buying their new ST's with bags and
of other riders receiving their bags. Surely I should have been almost
first on the list of riders owed bags and an alarm! What's up with that?
Is there not any FIFO (First In First Out) procedure? Do the bags just
go to the east coast first since it's closer? Who am I? Where am I? What
am I? What is going on?
	Remember, the truth is out there! Somewhere, and someone knows it!
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