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Re: fuel guage :^&*&*^&*:!

=>After 180km on the trip showing the fuel guage did its usual trick of dropping 
straight to the red; ignored it as usual, but then the fuel warning light came 
on.  Had to do a 20km detour to the nearest gas/petrol station, but only 
squeezed in 11.2 litres !!!!   That left 10l remaining (21 l tank).  If I cant 
trust the fuel warning light to come on with 4l remaining I am running out of 
things to try....
=>I might have to start carrying a dip stick; this is getting silly.

Saturday exactly the same thing happened to me. The guage dropped
suddenly to the red zone and the warning light came on. I was a bit
suspicious because my trip meter only showed 220 Km. which was way 
too little to refule. So I stopped and I fitted only about 11 liters 
as well !! And to think that I thought I noticed some improvement in
the gauge during the last few rides :-((
Anyhow, what I normally do is set the trip meter back to zero every 
time I refuel and make sure the next refuel is after about 300 km.
This gives you a pretty safe margin.

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